There have been patriots before us who made major sacrifices so that we can enjoy the best life here in America. These sacrifices are not forgotten and were not in vain. These great Americans built a wave of success that has propelled us to unimaginable heights, and it is time to give back. Today we must be willing and ready to sacrifice for others. Today we must think of ourselves as servants for our neighbors. Today we must take a stand and help one another. Today we must do what is right and not waste another minute. We have been born for such a time as this. And as for today, there is no better time to start.


Rebuilding Our Foundation



The federal government has gone outside their authority when it comes to spending OUR MONEY. With our debt ceiling continually increased it is time for the federal government to stop over spending our money.



We have seen the tragedy of millions of babies being aborted across the United States. Together we must stand for LIFE and say no to abortions. With your help we can pass legislation to stop abortions.



While many believe that the federal government should control your healthcare coverage, the choice should be up to the American people. We know what is best for us and our families, not bureaucrats in D.C. Obamacare has taken the choice away from us-American families.



We have the right to keep and bear arms and Congress should protect our right. The U.S. Constitution is being attacked from all sides and we, together, must stand up against tyranny for the security of our free state. 



Under Obama we saw new regulations coming from the federal government to small businesses everywhere. These regulations stunt economic growth and we are feeling it here in WNC. We need small businesses to once again come alive and continue to grow without having to cut through all the red tape.



Our great country was founded for the advancement of religion. While our first amendment protects our religious freedom, today we see different religious groups being silenced. Together we will REBUILD OUR FOUNDATION of religious freedom.


Rebuild DC

D.C. has spiraled out of control with power hungry politicians who are more responsive to money and lobbyists than their own constituents. It is time that we bring the power back to the rightful owners, and together we can rebuild Washington, DC to, once again, work for the American people.